5 SITE Chapters get their Sustainability Certification

5 SITE Chapters get their Sustainability Certification

The certification program is overseen by SITE’s Sustainability Committee and to date, 5 SITE chapters – Ireland, Canada, Midwest, Texas and Florida / Caribbean – have obtained full certification with another 13 chapters actively completing the requirements.

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Chapters are certified for a three year period once they accumulate 100 out of a possible 150 points, awarded upon completion of a series of core tasks, all related to sustainability. The tasks include 

  • appointment of a dedicated sustainability ambassador/champion at chapter level
  • adaptation of a reporting system such as SMPP system or GRI Digital Reporting Tool to track, measure, report, and improve the Chapters sustainability impact
  • attendance by chapter leadership at a SITE Chapter CSR / sustainability activity
  • completion of a sustainability roadmap
  • submission of a case study on the chapter’s sustainable events 

The tasks are operational and promotional, ensuring that chapters both “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”, creating a documented legacy of their actions that acts, then, as an inspiration to others too.

At the end of the three year period chapters are obliged to re-certify. This helps avoid complacency and ensures that the sustainability agenda remains front and centre for chapter leadership.

The Chapter Sustainability Roadmap can be uploaded to an attractive template where the agreed goals for the year are clearly articulated. In addition, chapters can identify individual goals from the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and opt to focus on them in the course of the year.


The extent of the dedication and commitment of our global network of chapters to sustainability was highlighted just last week when we had an unprecedented series of activities and events taking place at chapter level all over the world, in support of Earth Day.

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In addition, the Sustainability committee has been supplying us with some wonderful content for IncentiveWise, SITE’s internal news blog and Motivate, SITE Foundation’s repository of content on all things “incentive travel”. In particular, we’d like to spotlight a great article from Steffi Kordy of SITE Florida /Caribbean - https://www.siteglobal.com/blog/do-good-feel-good-sustainability-as-a-networker

And, incidentally, on next week’s Destination Re-boot webinar, kindly sponsored by Kerzner, you can hear Steffi, Miek and other sustainability champions discuss how we can #buildbackbetter by re-opening incentive travel with a sustainability mindset – register for the webinar here.

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