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SITE knows that the business day never ends when members are located in 87 countries around the world. The idea of calling someone on the phone is not as simple when that person is not in the same time zone.

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Discussion Forums on LinkedIn

To help facilitate relationships and provide opportunities for members to share ideas, debate top trends and topics SITE has built discussion forums on LinkedIn, a global networking tool in a space where many of our members are already engaged.

This is a place where you can not only easily connect with fellow SITE members but also expand your personal business networks.

We have two SITE 'member only' discussion forums:

SITE Members Discussion    SITE Young Leaders Discussion

Discussion Guidelines

In order to ensure the discussions are beneficial to everyone, we've instituted some general processes and guidelines for our group.

We welcome:

  • Questions and comments that are related to motivational experiences and incentive travel that will help you gain insight as a business professional
  • Linking to articles that support the above mission
  • Discussing upcoming SITE events and activities
  • Connecting with Chapter leaders on programming ideas

Please consider your post carefully to be sure you are not:

  • Posting a question that is really a veiled pitch for your services
  • Posting a "career path" discussion that is really a job opening
  • Posting event information for non-SITE events (thus soliciting our member list)

We have other avenues for ways you can reach SITE members on some of these items (sponsorship) or post job openings (the career center). We also decide carefully what other events are valuable to our members and warrant an official promotion from SITE. Chapter events and our partnership events where SITE will have a stand are welcome topics in our discussions.

Please respect these guidelines and the other participants by using this resource as a way to extend connections and knowledge. Questions can be directed to SITE@SITEglobal.com.

The only global organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting the incentive travel industry. We connect incentive travel to business results.
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